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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Southern delivery update as of 10/9/10 eve

George has made his 3rd Arkansas delivery and all 3 North Carolina deliveries today! He has been spending an average of 14-18 hours on the road each day. George is a person on a mission to get all animals to their new homes safe and sound and quickly too!

I asked George what were the highlights he saw along the way. He said the fields of cotton in Western Missouri was something he had never seen before. He said it looked like a field of snow. He saw the cotton being harvested into huge bundles. He saw a sign for a cotton festival. If he had more time he would have loved to stop and see the festival.

George is bedded down for the night in Clyde, North Carolina and will be heading to Maryland for his last delivery. Maryland is normally on our Northern delivery route but the new owners were unable to take delivery in September so special arrangements were made with George to delivery to them. George is such an accommodating guy!

I'm looking forward to having George back home on the farm. There is so much to do in preparation for breeding season. It's hard to imagine that in only 5 months, we will have newborn baby Pygora's bouncing around the farm.

Thanks to everyone for your passion for Pygora's!


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