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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update from the farm

The weather here has changed from cold and dry to wet and warm. I'm not sure which is better, lots of mud or frozen water troughs... but the good news is no more chopping ice off of the water troughs for now!

With breeding season now over and all animals hoof trimmed and dewormed, we will be using this down time before kidding season to make improvements on the farm.

Our 1st winter project is to modify our feeders so there is less waste of hay on the ground. I'm forever searching for the perfect feeder.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter is coming or is it here already?

The winter weather has settled in early this year. The evening temperatures have been in the low 20's with the day time temps below freezing. I know that is not very cold in some parts of the country but it's unusual for us.

The goats are nestled down into their thick straw bedding waiting for the warmer weather to should start arriving this weekend.

While the weather is very cold, the great thing is that it is very sunny and dry. The water troughs and buckets are our biggest chore right now. We have been going out 3 times a day to break up the ice. Really looking forward to warmer weather!

Besides the cold weather, we sent the week hoof trimming and worming all the animals.

We are now caught up on all our Fall herd management tasks. Shearing, hoof trimming, and worming have been completed and we are now prepared for kidding season!

Our first babies are due the end of March 2010.