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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cross country delivery update as of 10/7/10 evening

Hi everyone!

George left New Mexico this morning and is now in Waco, Texas for the night.   I asked him about his highlights for the day. He said he saw a lot of oil wells that are not common in Oregon. He also saw a lot of Cacti.   He didn't have much to report or he was too tired to talk when I called him this evening as he has been putting in long driving days since he left Oregon on Monday.

George reported that all the animals are doing great. They and George are all bedded down for the night. The temperature this evening is around 60 degrees in Waco.

George will be making his 2nd delivery tomorrow morning (Friday) then he is heading off to Oklahoma for his 3rd delivery at noon. He is still on schedule. After that he heads to Arkansas for a delivery on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Next update is tomorrow.


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