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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pygora kids receive their first baby booster vaccine!

The kids all received their first of a series of three CD&T vaccinations on May 10th.  Their next CD&T vaccination will be given 2 weeks later. 

Rounding up 140 babies is a little bit like trying to herd butterflies.  I don't know who gets more exercise, me or the mommas as they fret while being separated from their little ones for a few hours.   We found if we move the mommas to a separate pasture full of green grass and away from ear shot of the babies, they calm down quicker as they are distracted. 

We try to efficiently make use of the time while we have the kids rounded up.   After they received their CD&T, I spent the rest of the time taking updated photos of our kids per customer request from our Pre-deposit list. 

Wednesday, 5/12, we decided to round up the kids again so that we could get the rest of the kids photos updated.   It was a very late evening by the time I got into the house that night.

 Now that all the photos had been taken, I've spent countless hours and days getting the photos sized down, loaded into our Pygora kids list by sire, and also by kids ID numbers then uploaded to the internet.  

Hopefully by the end of this weekend, the majority of the kids (minus a couple of sneeky babies that got away before they could get their photos taken) I will have all kid photos up-to-date.  In a couple of weeks it will all start over again!

We are making our way through the pre-deposit list.  We are on the 7th person right now.  The 8th person has been given the list a couple of days ago to start previewing.  I will be contacting the 9th person shortly to give them the list to start previewing so they can get a head start when it comes to their turn to pick kids.    Hopefully we will make our way through the list soon.   Once everyone that has placed a pre-deposit has chosen their kids, the list will be going public at our website at:

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