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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you with 2 and 4 legged kids! Yesterday I had a bouquet of beautiful Oregon grown flowers given to me for being the mom of 140 baby goats! It was so thoughtful and it really brightened my day. Thank you very much, Wanda and Rick!

Our Pygora kids list is making it's way down the pre-deposit list. It started out very slow but I'm hoping to pick up speed soon.

If you are on the pre-deposit list, feel free to contact me with an estimate of when we will get to you. Once everyone on our list has previewed and selected their kids, the list will go public on our website. Check back as we give updates.

This coming week we will be giving the kids their first CDT vaccination. They will get a series of 3 boosters over the next few weeks and then after that, they will receive a yearly vaccination.

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