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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kidding season is just around the corner!

Kidding season is just 6 weeks away! 

In the following weeks, we will be vaccinating all of our pregnant Does with CDT and de-worming them.  

Some Does will also be "crutched" in preparation for kidding.  This is a process where we shear the back ends and udder areas to provide easy access for the baby to find the mothers udders and also for a cleaner birthing area.  We don't "crutch" all of the Does as some don't have as much fleece in that area to be a problem.

February 17th will be our annual voluntary scrapie-free flock inspection done by Federal Veterinarian, Dr. Silberman.  We have been a VSFCP Certified flock since 2006. 

Last year we joined the export monitoring program and we are now able to ship to Canada.   Contact us if you would like more info about shipping to Canada. 

April 17th the Golden Fleece 4H Club will be coming up for a "hands-on" kidding day where they will be involved in the day to day activities that go on during kidding season.  They will be taking care of new born kids and their moms and hopefully be able to see babies being born too!  It's a fun learning experience! 

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