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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our northern cross country trip from the west coast to the east coast leaving soon

Last Sunday we returned from our extended vacation to the Michigan Fiber Festival. It was so much fun meeting new Pygora friends along with rekindling friendships with our long time Pygora friends!

A day after my return back home, I spent spent at the vets getting certificates of veterinary inspection done for our Pygora goats going on our Northern cross country delivery. All passed their health exams and are now ready to leave for their new homes starting this Saturday, 9/4.

Wednesday was spent rounding up all the kids in preparation for our Southern cross country delivery in October. We also took updated photos of wethers still available on our Pygora kids list, shearing one of our guard Llamas, cleaning out pens, and washing buckets. Wednesday evening was spent putting together new owner booklets for the kids leaving on our Northern cross country trip leaving this Saturday. Always something going on at the ranch!

Our Southern delivery trip is planned for October.   We are filling up fast with just a few spaces still available.   Contact us if you might be interested in our affordable delivery.

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  1. Three of those cuties are coming to me! Can't wait!


  2. Hi! I checked out your blog! Love the photos of your new Pygora babies. Your buckling, A076, is very handsome if I don't say so myself. The minute he was born I knew he was going to be something special!