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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pygora kids recieve their 3rd and final CDT booster vaccination and weaning begins!

Watch for our Lavender Pygora goats milk soap available soon!

All the kids received their 3rd and final CDT booster vaccinations today. It was a busy day in 95 degree weather but we got it all done!

I have been busy taking updated photos and getting updated descriptions of the kids. It seems like I just get everyone done and its time to start all over again. The kids are growing and their fleeces are starting to pop out! The transition is happening right before my eyes.

Kids are just starting to be weaned. We separated out the bucklings over the last week. Although they are not quite 4 months old, some are starting to show their "buckiness". The farm has been very noisy during the weaning process.

We are still working our way through our pre-deposit list. We have pre-deposits still coming in so this has delayed out list going to the public. We have one more person to get through then it goes public.

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