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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's now week 4 into our 2009 Breeding season. We are continuing to shear, hoof trim, and worm the Does.

Some of our most incredible fleeces are coming from our oldest girls. Today we sheared our Doe, "Monkey Tree". She will be 11 years old this Spring and has a gorgeous grey, type B fleece.

This has been our best year yet for fleeces. We harvested them in prime condition. So far we have sheared of 80 lbs of prime Pygora fleece and we aren't done yet.

Terry and Susan from Rainbow Yarns NW came up to the farm last weekend and bought all of our available fleeces. If you really want excellent Pygora yarns and rovings, I highly recommend Rainbow Yarns NW. Their website is:

Next week we will be done with our 2009 Breeding season. Our bucks will be returned to the "Boys" pasture and the bred Does will be returned with the unbred Doe kids into their pasture.

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